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I’m just so blessed. 😊

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I love the South. I love the drawl. I love the pork lard. I love too much salt and too much sweet. I love the humidity. There is a patina on Southerners. I think it is because of our very dynamic history. There’s a lot of pain that has happened in our history; a lot of mistakes made. But an unfortunate circumstance can turn into an opportunity for greatness. I think the South is great because of all the trying times- the tensions, hardships, wars, and riots. All those things really make a place… Well, for me it makes it home. There is grace in every sorrow. I think that is being Southern.
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And even though it was chiche
You kissed me as the light faded as we got deeper in the tunnel
And you didn’t stop until the green light appeared from the end.

I loved it.